Property Surgeon works closely with schools in the community and we know that many schools have been unable to maintain their school grounds and trees throughout COVID-19.

It is important to maintain trees so that they don’t become a hazard to our tamariki, pedestrians, gutters, buildings or neighbours.

Our goal is to inspect and check the health of your trees, as follows:

  • Cracks and splits in the tree and branches.
  • Large dead branches in the canopy.
  • Dead or declining trees.
  • Deformities in trees that could lead to tree failure.
  • Unhealthy OR imbalanced trees.
  • Overall tree health and safety
  • If your trees are prepared for the next severe weather event

We want our tamariki to enjoy the natural free source of shade. Having your trees well maintained are not only safer but cost effective in the long run. It’s imperative to regularly check that trees are not damaging your buildings or infrastructure. Repairing buildings is much more expensive than regular tree maintenance to ensure no root damages and pruning trees for safety.

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